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My shock & awe starter kit & expansion pack. The lights can be any color using the app! They also turn red when I mash the brakes, giving me the best chance to be seen!
Austin’s bike!

Understanding the different parts of a motorcycle insurance policy!

Liability insurance – Liability insurance is the state minimum coverage you need to have to ride your bike down the road legally. Normally, this is as cheap as $50 per YEAR!

Uninsured Motorists – The second part of your policy that gives you & your bike coverage in the event someone hits you & they do NOT have insurance.

Comprehensive Coverage – Covers your bike if you hit a deer.

Collision Coverage – Covers your bike in the case of any at-fault accident.

$250 per week income loss – If you have an accident & can’t work. For as low as $1 per month, you can have protection of $250 per week income. As low as $1 per month, $10 per year, gives you piece of mind knowing you will have an income for that accident you did not plan on having!

Total for all these coverages combined = As low as $100 per year!!

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